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My-Pocket-Coach Mental: 100 Trainingskarten in einer praktischen Verpackung, inkl. Schlüsselband mit Karabinerhaken zum Umhängen der KartenMy-Pocket-Coach Trainingskarten bieten Tipps und Übungen zur Verbesserung der mentalen Stärke

My-Pocket-Coach Psyched up up is the ultimate tool for athletes and trainers to improve mental strengths in training and competition. Athletes have difficult situations and deciding moments in their careers and they need to deal with these in the right way. Mental strength plays an enormously important role in exhausting or maintaining sporting capabilities.

My-Pocket-Coach Psyched up lets athletes from all sports quickly acquire important awareness about psychological aspects. Practical exercises help to build up specific mental strengths. My Pocket Coach always gives you the right tips the decisive moments, whether in training or out in competitions.

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